The idea of MS Teams integration with Outlook

The idea of MS Teams integration with Outlook

How the idea of MS Teams integration with Outlook started


Microsoft Teams and Outlook are the obvious choice

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration platform which includes many different services. Working with it requires a special application called Microsoft Teams, which is available as thick and thin client on many different platforms. Over the last few years, MS Teams became one of the fastest growing communication platforms all over the world. Not only used for personal matters, but also in the daily B2B communication. And to be honest, why not? MS Teams is a nice looking, functional, and secure tool making your MS experience even better.

At the other hand, the most powerful and frequently used email client app for all users worldwide is Microsoft Outlook. It is and will be the number 1°, this is not going to change in the next years.

So now, the MS Teams and Outlook users’ life is a little bit too much about switching between these applications. But we love them both. Is it inconvenient? Well, that was exactly what we have been thinking. So many people on the internet are discussing this topic, and asking for a solution, which would make their live easier and working with Outlook and MS Teams smarter. So, we have come to the main desicion… we will try to make things work for everybody.


Stay in Outlook not loosing your communication track

The point is, that your primary communication platform must be still Outlook. But the chat is there to make your communication smooth and fast, to get the information on time, to see if your colleagues got the information on time, to ask quick questions or to share important info with a group of your team members without sending multiple emails and loosing the track. Or even without creating a group chat with all your email recipients strictly in your MS Teams, if we can make it work in Outlook.

Both applications are complex and include a lot of different features. So, with our integration, we simply needed to bring the best of MS Teams inside the Outlook client. The app should be using the new web based cross platform Outlook add-in technology. This would allow the app to run on all platforms (Outlook on the Web, Outlook for Windows, Outlook for MAC, …).

Nice idea? Yeah, we know:) Guess, what happened then? 🙂
teamsTALK came to the world…

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