Release of teamsTALK version 3.0

Release of teamsTALK version 3.0

teamsTALK 3.0 – the newest in Outlook integrated chat application



Extended message features and improved synchronization
Sender is always shown first in Quick Chat for clarity
The last message’s sender will be displayed in the chat list
The meeting’s name will be displayed for the associated chat in chat list
Support for uploading bigger files and upload cancellation
Notification added regarding pinning the teamsTALK app
Notification bar improvements
Solution for the recipient list refresh issue in Quick Chat
Performance and stability fixes


Extended message features

In teamsTALK 3.0, we have improved chat functionality by synchronizing message changes. A change can be a modification of the message text itself or adding a reaction. All this is now automatically synchronized during the chat. And of course, we did not forget about important and urgent messages. These are also labeled as such!


Sender always listed first in Quick Chat

We are continuously listening to customers and based on their feedback we made small, but important modifications which affect usability. From now on, the sender of the email will be displayed first in the participants list in Quick Chat. The recipients of the emails will be displayed following the sender in alphabetical order.


Displaying the user who sent the message

In the chat list we are displaying the message snippets for a longer time; however, in the case of group chat you never knew who had sent the last message. Now, teamsTALK will display the first name of the user who sent the last message.


Displaying the meeting name

Another small, but important change, the chat names – if specified – are displayed instead of the participants’ names in the chat list.



Support for uploading bigger files

In teamsTALK 2.0 we introduced the file sending feature. At that time, it supported files smaller than 4MB. Now, the limits are gone; in the new version of teamsTALK the upload is done in chunks, it is cancelable and includes a progress bar. From now on, you don’t have any limits, and take full control over your file uploads!



Notification added to pin teamsTALK app

Some teamsTALK users do not even know that teamsTALK can be pinned, so it will not automatically close when you open another email. This functionality is crucial in order to have a powerful chat application. Now, teamsTALK will notify everyone on the startup screen.



Notification bar improvements

Based on your feedback we made some improvements to the new message notification bar. Now you will have more time to read the message and react to it, as it will stay visible for a longer period. If you hover your cursor over it, it will stay visible until you move your mouse away from the notification bar.


The recipient list refresh issue in Quick Chat

In some circumstances, the recipient list was not correctly refreshed on Quick Chat. Now, this issue is resolved, and you can fully enjoy the most efficient means of communication!


Performance and stability fixes

For us, the customers’ satisfaction is most important. We are putting enormous resources into continuously improving our product. As a part of this endeavor, a lot of improvements were made to make the application faster and more stable, so your teamsTALK experience could be better than it has ever been before.


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